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Ashtree Equine Rehabilitation offers both livery-based and freelance rehabilitation, to allow owners to choose the best approach for them in getting their horse back on track. 

Whether your horse has an injury or soundness issue, is recovering from illness or just needs to be brought back into work correctly, a detailed rehabilitation plan is the perfect place to start. Rehabilitation can also be fantastic for general strengthening and improving condition.

Our therapy equipment includes: TheraPlate, ArcEquine, Photizo Red Light Therapy and Equilibrium massage and magnetic products. Our rehab specialist Alex is a fully qualified IATS International TheraPlate Specialist, so fully understands the requirements of each individual horse and how they may benefit from TheraPlate treatments.

Aside from physical rehabilitation, many horses develop emotional or behavioural issues while recovering from injury - this is something we can help with. By taking into account all the aspects of the horse's routine, we can pinpoint where exactly the issues are arising and work toward making a happier horse. 

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