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When your horse stays with us, you can be confident that they are receiving the best possible care. We have wonderful airy, large stables and acres of beautifully maintained grazing. You can see full details of our facilities here.

All hay is made and baled on site, and (unless medically necessary) we never restrict intake, so each horse receives what they need. Livery also includes, if required, a standard feed of fibre mash/cubes and molasses-free chaff. Alternative feed plans are available, and can be tailored to your horse's specific needs. Horses are kept on Snowflake SoftChip unless otherwise requested, and receive 2 bales per week as part of their livery package.

Biosecurity is of high importance to us, with horse health and wellbeing always our top priority. Our yard is sprayed twice daily with a broad spectrum disinfectant, and all drinkers and buckets are washed daily. Each horse has their own feed bucket, and grooming and therapy equipment is disinfected between each horse. 


Livery services include: Full, Part, Rehabilitation, Schooling, Backing, Retraining, and Holiday. If there is a specific type of livery that you require and we have not listed it, then please get in touch with us and we will endeavour to help as best we can. 

Please note, we do not offer DIY or Assisted DIY.

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